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Do you need the best roofers in the Montreal area to renovate or replace the flat roof of your home or your building? Trust Clinique de la toiture FCA, the best roofing company in Montreal, nothing less! Our flat roof specialists will meet all your needs relating to roofing repairs or installation and this, whether you live in Villeray, Rosemont, Anjou, the Plateau Mont-Royal, Montreal East, St. Leonard or elsewhere on the Island of Montreal!

Residential Roofs

For your new construction, ask for a free estimate from our roofing specialists in the Greater Montreal Area and take advantage of our expertise in the installation of roofs! Not only will we work in concert with you, but also with the other subcontractors in charge of the construction of your home. Trust us with your project!

Commercial and Industrial Roofs

Our white roof experts also specialize in the installation and maintenance of flat roofs for commercial and industrial buildings; don’t hesitate to call upon them! Not only can we carry out the inspection of your roof, we can also undertake its repairs if need be. Good maintenance of your roof conducted by the best roofers in Greater Montreal will allow you to prolong its lifespan for several years; contact us to find out more!

Materials Used

We use different materials for roof coverings, depending on your budget and on the way your roof will be used. Indeed, a roof that will only serve the one “roof” purpose will not be installed the same way as a roof that could potentially be used as a terrace or a garden!

TPO Membrane

Installed with a heat gun (no blowtorch, so no fire risks), TPO roofs have been gaining popularity in Montreal and elsewhere, due to recent regulations on the use of white roofs to reduce the effect of heat islands. One major advantages of this type of membrane is its price; indeed, it’s a lot less expensive to install a TPO membrane than other types of coverings.

TPO is also very resistant to temperature variations; as well, it is completely recyclable at the end of its service life and has a 20-year warranty! Our roofing specialists in Montreal will help you get all the information you need regarding the installation and characteristics of this product!

EPDM Membrane

Sought after for new constructions and for re-roofing, this membrane is available in black or white and, as with TPO membranes, it is 100 % recyclable. It also offers exceptional resistance to UV rays and to very high temperature variations, which makes it the perfect material for our climate!

Green Roofs

Green roofs are more and more in demand! Pleasing to the eye, not only do they extend the lifespan of the membrane on which they are installed, they also help to improve your building’s heat and sound insulation. You will even be able to install a very nice terrace and grow various types of vegetation! Find out more from Clinique de la toiture right now and let our roofing specialists help you implement your green roof project in the Greater Montreal!

No matter your needs in terms of residential, commercial or industrial roofs, entrust your project to the best flat roof experts in Montreal, to ensure that the work is of high quality and carried out by specialists in the field!

In addition, don’t neglect to have your roof inspected twice a year to avoid substantial expenses, for instance in the case of water infiltration! Our team can carefully inspect the roof of your residence or of your buildings to evaluate the state of the membrane, and ensure it is watertight. Indeed, the smallest tear could allow water to seep in, which would cause damage not only to the roof, but also to the building structure because of runoff in the walls. Don’t wait any longer and book an appointment right now with one of our roofers, who will carefully inspect your roof and offer you recommendations as well as a timetable of the work that should be carried out, if need be.

Because a roof in good condition is paramount, call upon Clinique de la toiture FCA, where you will find the best roofers in Montreal!


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