Green roof: what are the benefits for the environment?

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If you are considering replacing the roof of one or more of your buildings in Montreal, have you considered installing a green roof? Increasingly in demand because of their beautiful appearance and undeniable environmental benefits, green roofs are a wise choice, adopted by more and more homeowners for their new constructions or to replace an existing roof.

What is a green roof?

It can be a green roof, decorated with greenery, various types of gardens (flowers, vegetables, etc.) and even a terrace. In addition to being attractive, these green roofs allow for better management of rainwater and an increase in air quality, while reducing heat islands. In addition, the plants on these roofs capture 70 to 90% of the pollutants present in the air, making it cleaner. With all the CO2 emissions in the city, the increase in green spaces—including rooftops—can only be beneficial in absorbing some of it!

If you want to transform your flat roof into a green roof and thereby reduce your carbon footprint, call on the services of flat roofing specialists, who will be able to give you valuable advice for the installation of your environmental roof.

A roof made of recycled tires: is it eco-friendly?

If you’re sceptical about roofs made of recycled rubber, rest assured: their great durability (50-year or lifetime warranty according to some manufacturers), added to their incredible resistance to environmental aggressors—fire, pollution, insects, rot, etc.—make it a “green” material in many ways. In addition, several manufacturers will come to collect it at the end of its useful life.

And if you’re worried that your roof might look like a tire factory, rest assured: these rubber shingles look just like cedar shingles!

No matter what type of green roof you want, it will represent a significant investment; however, it is possible to finance your roof through your contractor, your financial institution or to take advantage of government grants for green renovations and renovations that increase the energy efficiency of your building(s).

For more information on green roofs, ask Clinique de la toiture FCA, your roofing company in Montreal close to Laval, Montreal North and Montreal East!


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