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To avoid the major problems caused by leaks, it is important to regularly inspect your home’s roof. But beware of inspections carried out by so-called “experts” whose only goal is to sell you a new roof.

The specialists at Clinique de la toiture FCA conduct careful roof inspections in Montreal. They will give you a detailed report of the state of your roof and, if need be, they will suggest preventive maintenance work that should be carried out to prolong the lifespan of the covering and prevent the severe damage that could happen to your property due to a roof in serious disrepair.

For a roof inspection in Montreal, call upon Clinique de la Toiture FCA, not only do we serve Montreal-Nord, where our business is located, but also Laval, Anjou, St-Leonard, Pointe-aux-Trembles and Montreal-Est. The services of Clinique de la Toiture FCA are available in the Villeray, Rosemont and Plateau Mont-Royal neighborhoods as well.

Quite justifiably, residence owners will rarely risk climbing up onto the roof of their home. To evaluate the state of a flat rooftop, inspectors from the Clinique de la Toiture FCA will access the roof of your building. Ideally, the inspection of a Montreal roof should be undertaken either in autumn, after the leaves have fallen, or early in the spring, following snowmelt. After clearing the debris that could obstruct the roof surface, our inspectors will detect deformations and alterations to the roofing such as waviness, curled bits of tar paper or membrane joints coming unglued.

Our inspector will closely examine the state of the gravel cap sheet that protects the membrane. Wind, running water or foot traffic could have laid bare some areas of the roof. They will also check the flashing that protects the roof edges and ensure the chimney joints, vents and skylights are watertight.

Depending on the elements to be fixed, the inspector from Clinique de la Toiture FCA will suggest a list of corrective measures. This work can be carried out by our roofing specialists if you decide to trust its execution to Clinique de la Toiture FCA, the business that distinguishes itself in matters of roof inspection in Montreal.

The repair work on the roof of your residence or your commercial or industrial building, which you entrust to the roofing specialists at Clinique de la Toiture FCA, represents an excellent return on investment. Roof inspection in Montreal as well as preventive maintenance work, in addition to avoiding the complete replacement of your roof, will restore your building to its full value, thus protecting your financial assets.


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