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The best roofing specialists in Montreal East are found at Clinique de la toiture FCA! Experts in flat roofs and roof replacement, we can undertake all types of work for your commercial and industrial buildings, as well as for residential roofs. Don’t wait any longer and ask for your free estimate from our flat roofers today! We serve Montreal East and many other sectors of Montreal.

Whether your building is a new construction or not, our roofing company in Montreal will be able to carry out a great number of repairs. Indeed, it is not always necessary to put up a new roof when damages occur, and very often, it is possible to repair your roof and to extend its lifespan; ask for more information from our roofers in Montreal East to get an accurate picture! On top of this, by undertaking the renovation of your roof, you could obtain a more than attractive return on investment upon the sale of your home!

Did you notice water infiltration on your roof? Don’t panic! Our 24/7 Emergency Service will allow you to quickly rectify the situation and to prevent more serious water ingress. Acting quickly is crucial, since an unresolved infiltration could lead to more substantial issues to the roof and even the structure of your building, such as mold problems or damages to the floors, carpets, furniture, etc. Contact us today!

Do you have a TPO roof or EPDM roof, or do you want to have that type of membrane installed? Our flat roof experts can carry out the maintenance and installation of a TPO or EPDM roof! Eco-friendly (they are completely recyclable at the end of their service life) and very resistant to high temperature variations and atmospheric pollutants, these materials also contribute to reduce the heat island effect, since they reflect the sun’s rays. Find out more information on this from our roofers in Montreal East!

Do you prefer green roofs? In addition to being appealing to the eye, they help to purge air pollution, to retain rainwater and allow for better sound insulation; ask advice from our flat roof specialists!

Don’t wait any longer, contact us today at Clinique de la toiture FCA and entrust your roofing work to our team of roofers in Montreal East!


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