What are the roof emergencies?

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Water infiltration in the roof, whether minor or major, is an emergency; in fact, you can’t put off repairs until later, at the risk of damage to the interior of your home! If you notice a problem with your roof, you will need to contact specialists as soon as possible to limit the damage. Here are a few urgent situations to which you should pay immediate attention.

Water infiltration

Of course, as soon as you notice water seeping through your roof, it’s an emergency! By acting quickly, you can limit the risk of damage to ceilings, walls and structure, such as swollen paint, water stains on the ceiling or the presence of mould, among others. As soon as there is visible damage, it means that the infiltration is significant and must be remedied immediately!

Snow accumulation

Snow build-up, especially on a flat roof, can have dire consequences; after all, you don’t want your roof to collapse under the weight of snow and ice, do you? That’s why you should regularly remove snow from your roof, either on your own or by hiring an emergency roof removal company.

Ice accumulation

“It’s pretty, all this ice around the house!” … in fact, these icicles can become a real ice dam which can cause cracks and damage to your roof under this tremendous weight, and allow water to seep in. And once the thaw begins, water infiltration can accelerate if your roof is damaged. To prevent this—and to avoid damaging your roof covering by attempting to break the ice—it’s best to call in the experts to remove the ice!

A roof inspection in the fall and spring helps to limit these risks, by checking the condition of your roof and its covering. However, be on the lookout for any signs of water leaking through your roof, which is a matter of urgency! For all your roofing needs—urgent or not—trust Clinique de la toiture FCA in Montreal to help you solve the issue! Whether you live in Laval, Montreal East, Montreal North or elsewhere in the area, contact us!

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