When should I remove snow from my roof?

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Removing snow from your roof is never a fun task and this, no matter what type of roof it is. And while some people do it themselves, it’s better to trust specialists in flat roof snow removal to ensure that the work is carried out properly—and that you do not cause further damage, thus avoiding costly renovations! But do you necessarily have to clear the snow from your roof? What are the possible risks of opting not to remove the snow? How to choose a roofing company in Montreal? We will give you the answer to such questions here below!

Why remove snow on your roof?

To avoid having your roof support too much weight (flat or slanted), it is crucial to remove the snow when needed; you will thus prevent damage not only to your roof’s covering, but also to the building’s structure, due to too much weight. But you should be aware: it is not necessary to remove ALL the snow! A snow thickness of up to 15 cm on a roof is not an issue; you will hence be able to leave some of it… which will save you from reaching the covering or damaging it, in case you decide not to call upon roofers specialized in flat roofs snow removal.

What are the signs that indicate when to remove snow?

When should you remove snow from your roof? This question is often asked by people who want to have the snow cleared from a commercial or residential roof. Generally speaking, a flat roof can support about 80 centimetres of fresh snow; this number falls to 43 in case of compact snow and 20 centimetres in the case of ice.

The sometimes (often!) changing conditions of Quebec winters can lead to rain showers, which will make the snow heavier on the roof; better to be vigilant and notice some signs that will indicate that your roof is supporting too much weight. For example, if you notice unusual cracks, creaking sounds or if one or several doors drag and do not close well, you will then have to quickly have the snow removed from your roof!

Why call upon roof specialists?

They will be able to calculate the weight of the snow on the roof and identify the measures to take for snow removal. A good roof snow removing expert will first ensure to clear the drain well as well as the ventilation to prevent subsequent ice formation; following this, they will remove the excess of snow while respecting several safety instructions. In addition, they will be in a better position to work carefully, to avoid damaging the waterproofing membrane.

However, if a water infiltration has occurred or if the membrane is damaged, you should then quickly have the roof repaired, to avoid further water ingress. And if the damages are more substantial, re-roofing might be necessary after the warmer season is back. That’s why it is preferable not only to have your roof cleared of snow by professionals, but also to have it done as soon as possible!

Numerous roofing companies offer this service in Montreal East, Anjou, St-Leonard and elsewhere in the Montreal area; to avoid getting hurt—or damaging your roof—it’s better to call upon experts!


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