In order to reach a roof’s optimal lifespan, regular maintenance is necessary. Unfortunately, many people do not pay attention to this part of their buildings and only react when damages occur, even though it has been proven that repair costs are much higher than maintenance costs..

Over the years and because of our clients’ constant requests, Clinique de la toiture FCA developed a unique and personalized approach for roof section maintenance.

We recommend inspecting your roof twice a year. It can be done either in the spring and fall or following a major weather event such as freezing or heavy rain or strong winds.

On roofs, many leakage problems occur following third party maintenance having been done on curbs housing units such as air-conditioning or heating.

You are choosing peace of mind when you entrust us with inspecting and maintaining your home or building. By doing this, you are lowering the risk of potentially costly damages caused by water infiltration.

We will be inspecting:

  • General condition of the roof sections
  • Visible defects on floor and bituminous flashings
  • Slope, design, ventilation, condensation and water evacuation problems
  • Water infiltration sources
  • Premature wear and tear caused by heavy foot traffic and vandalism
  • Drains, vent pipes and ventilation
  • If possible and necessary: attic or roof space, roof system composition
  • Insulation condition
  • Masonry joints

Detecting and solving problems in time will prevent future damages caused by water infiltration and moisture found in the building’s components. Contact us for more information on our personalized real estate maintenance services.

Entretien toiture commercial

Entretien toiture commercial


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Continuer votre bon travail.

Yves Contant

Simplement pour dire que je suis très satisfait des ouvriers qui ont fait la toiture avec de la membrane EPDM 60 Mil blanche , sur mon duplex au 750 Grande-allée à Boisbriand. Je veux aussi souligner le professionnalisme de l’estimateur ainsi que la propreté des lieux après le travail. Bravo à toute l’équipe !

Denis Fortier / Boisbriand, QC

WOW, quelle belle équipe que vous avez! Travail de pro, même dans la pluie. Merci à vos 3 mousquetaires de la toiture. Passez-leur le mot.

Joël Gosselin