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When the time comes to take care of your home and roof, it is normal to ask experienced professionals for help. Are you looking for a team that will be able to take care of your needs or project? Get a quote for your roof, no matter the service you need.

Thanks to our roofing experts at Clinique de la Toiture, receive your quote quickly by filling out our online form. Our qualified team is here to provide you with customized solutions to help protect your house and family for years to come.

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Our company is proud to offer a complete range of services. From minor touch-ups to the construction of a new flat roof, without forgetting maintenance fees, we offer quick and detailed quotes for your roof. Here is a sneak peek of the services for which you can request a quote today.

Roof Repairs

Have you noticed water infiltration, cracks, damaged flashings or anything else out of the ordinary on your roof? From the moment you notice the very first signs, reacting promptly will allow you to avoid complications, which include structural damages to your roof and eventually your home.

Do not delay before taking action; take care of your roof and request a quote. Our reactive team is ready to intervene quickly to help resolve any roof related problem you might have. Describe your problem and we will offer a solution. Our team will visit your home to provide you with a specific diagnosis and identify where the problem stems from.

Following our detailed inspection, we will offer adapted solutions so that you roof will last over a long period of time. We will then provide you with a clear quote where all costs are explained.

Installation d'une membrane TPO sur la toiture d'une nouvelle construction
Roof repair and renovation by a worker.

Repairs or Renovation

Sometimes maintenance and minor repairs are no longer sufficient. This is when it becomes preferable to opt for more extensive repairs, reroofing or a roof renovation. Is this what you need? No matter if you are sure of what is required for your roof or are hesitating between repairs and a renovation, we can help you identify your needs more clearly.

Our team of experienced roofers will evaluate your roof and will provide you with customized recommendations. We can help you identify what is best for your roof, and where your money will be better spent.

Does your flat roof need renovations? We can take care of them for you, from beginning to end, by using a TPO membrane, a choice that is both affordable and durable, on top of meeting the minimum solar reflectance index requirements of different municipalities and districts. When the time comes for renovations, we can also provide you with solutions for your roof’s slope and ventilation.

New Construction

Building a new roof is an important and complex undertaking! For a solid and durable roof that will hep you save money on repair costs, Clinique de la Toiture is the partner you need.

No matter if you are a new owner or a business, we take care of all sorts of roofs including on homes, duplexes, multi-unit buildings and more. We ensure impeccable results and work hand in hand with other construction teams.

Moreover, the materials and membrane used are guaranteed 20 years! If you would like to have a new roof built, simply request a quote and we will provide you with customized plans and a detailed quote.

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Worker maintaining a commercial or industrial roof.

Inspection and Preventive Maintenance

Don’t give minor problems the chance of turning into major problems. We know that owners don’t always have the time to inspect their roofs and sometimes they simply forget. Moreover, it is essential to know what you are looking for and how to identify potential issues!

This is why we offer a comprehensive roof inspection service, a service that will provide you with complete peace of mind. During an inspection, we look at all of the different components on your roof and pay close attention to areas that could cause infiltration, problems related to the ventilation or the attic, and much more.

Ask for our Directo management and inspection services. Request a quote today for a thorough inspection of your roof.

We also offer advantageous preventive maintenance plans to help maximise your roof’s durability, avoid damages and preserve your roof’s overall value as time goes by.

Snow Removal

In Quebec, winters can be hard on our roofs. Even if your flat roof is designed to be able to withstand heavy loads of snow, snow removal is essential to help prevent damages and clear out drains. As a general rule, we recommend snow removal when snow accumulation is higher than 60 cm.

Would you like to call upon our services after a storm or when snow has begun accumulating? Our team works quickly and efficiently, and we are also available when you need us.

You do not need to climb onto your roof; we will take of it for you, safely, while you stay nice and warm inside or take care of other tasks. Request a quote for snow removal!

Travailleur déneigeant une toiture afin d'éviter un risque d'effondrement.

Roof Accessories

No matter if it is to install a new accessory on your roof or to replace an accessory that is damaged or broken, our team is here for you. From drains to access traps, without forgetting skylights, write to us about your roofing needs on the quote form. We will get back to you shortly!

Why Call Upon Clinique de la toiture FCA?

You do not want to trust just anyone with your roofing needs, and that is perfectly understandable. Good news: we are not just anyone! Clinique de la Toiture FCA is a team of roofers who is:

We are proud to be a part of the roofers recommended by CAA, ensuring that we offer high quality and reliable services. CAA recommended companies meet very strict requirements of credibility, compliance and solvency, and even more. Our work complies with the strictest standards in the industry so that we can bring you results that are both durable and solid.

With over 25 years of experience in the field, our team has the necessary knowhow and expertise to cater to all of your needs professionally. Thousands of satisfied clients can testify to this.

We specialize in TPO membrane installation, a durable solution that is also respectful of the environment. We guarantee work that is both precise and efficient. We also work on other types of flat roofs, when needed.

Available Financing

Do you need major work done? Do not worry; we offer flexible financing plans. Everything begins with a brief form to fill out. Request a quote for your roof and then allow us to guide you.

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