All you need to know about flat roofs in Montreal

Do you have a flat roof or would like to have one built in Montreal? Whether it is for a new construction, for renovations or simple maintenance, Clinique de la toiture FCA provides you with the expertise you need. Discover our maintenance, repair and renovation services.

The pros and cons of a flat roof in Montreal

Are you thinking of a flat roof for your house or building? There is a reason why the metropolitan area has so many flat roofs; they bring with them several advantages.

Flat roofs are an esthetic and functional option. In fact, not only do they give your home a modern style, they also provide several options:

  • A green roof
  • A roof terrace
  • A garden roof

As you can see, they are quite versatile: not only do they allow to maximize space, they also create new living spaces.

Moreover, certain membranes serve to reduce heat islands and improve energy efficiency. Solar panels are also even more efficient on a flat roof.

Since all solutions come with their own list of pros and cons, flat roofs also present some disadvantages. For example, the less pronounced slope can lead to less efficient water evacuation.

This is why this type of roof requires more frequent inspections and maintenance. On the other hand, a flat roof is often less vulnerable to damages caused by the wind and maintenance costs are generally lower than for a sloped roof!

Woman on a flat roof.

How to build and maintain a flat roof in Montreal

If you want a flat roof, it is best to let professionals build it. Our roofers, in Montreal, are here to make sure that your flat roof is state-of-the-art and top quality, by ensuring:

  • A solid structure
  • Efficient insulation
  • An adequate waterproofing system
  • Quality materials
  • A safe installation
  • Compliance with the current standards, rules and regulations

Should you wish to build your roof on your own, you will have to ensure compliance with the current standards. In any case, you have to get the necessary permit.

As for maintenance, it is important to inspect your roof at least twice a year so as to catch any anomaly quickly, and complete the necessary repairs, when needed. Our team can also take care of this for you, for added peace of mind!

Different types of roofing materials for flat roofs in Montreal

If you live in Montreal, you will have several options of roofing materials, according to your needs and budget.

TPO roofing membrane is very popular due to its affordable and durable nature. In fact, it is increasingly popular and with reason, given the numerous advantages it offers!

The membrane consists of a thin layer of rubber (Thermoplastic Polyolefin), and different parts are fused together thanks to a hot air robot.

Resistant to UV rays, polluting elements and damages, it is a reliable option that is guaranteed for at least 20 years. White in color, it helps reduce heat islands.

This roofing membrane is called EPDM because of its composition:

  • Ethylene
  • Propylene
  • Diene
  • Terpolymer

It is another option that is well known for its durability and resistance to UV rays, heat and extreme colds. It is also light and very resistant to traction.

Like the TPO, the EPDM membrane is a one-ply system; it can be either white or black. Although we specialize in TPO membranes, we take care of the inspection, maintenance and renovations for other types of flat roofs as well.

Elastomeric membrane is part of the bilayer systems. It is increasingly used instead of asphalt and gravel roofing, given that it is lighter and more resistant. In fact, life expectancy is estimated between 15 and 30 years.

Made from modified bitumen, this type of membrane comes in a roll that is laid down in two layers, sealed with a torch or a hot air system. Although installation is clean, working with an open flame still presents a fire hazard; make sure to check your roofer’s insurance.

The top coat is covered with granules, improving its resistance and making it a durable option.

More environmentally friendly than a white roof, a green roof comes with several advantages. It is not only esthetically pleasing, it helps with air pollution, rain water retention, increasing the membrane’s lifespan and much more!

Our company has partnered with suppliers and experts in order to provide you with results that meet your expectations.

A very popular roof in Quebec, this type of roofing consists of a layer of asphalt covered with a layer of gravel. It is an option that has a lifespan estimated to 16 years, and does not represent a very environmentally friendly option. It is, however, an affordable and waterproof alternative.

A white roof is well known to reduce heat islands and is the perfect choice for urban settings. By reflecting sunrays, it contributes to a cooler environment during heat waves and helps reduce your electric consumption related to air-conditioning.

TPO and EPDM roofing membranes are durable white roofs that have little impact on the environment.

Roof of a house in the suburbs.

How much does building a flat roof cost in Montreal?

The price for a flat roof in Montreal varies according to different factors. On the one hand, everything depends on if it is a new construction, a repair or a renovation. On the other hand, costs vary according to the type of membrane, along with the size of the area that is being covered.

Other factors also have an influence, like the working conditions –which includes the complexity of the job itself and outdoor temperature. Take note that TPO membranes are among the most affordable on the market with an average cost of $ 9 to $ 12 per square foot.

In average, we can estimate that a roof with an area of 1,000 sq. ft. will cost around $ 7,000 and $ 14,500, while it can reach up to $ 60,000 for a 5,000 sq. ft. area.

A green roof will obviously be more expensive, and costs will vary even more significantly depending on the complexity of the project. A 1,000 sq. ft. duplex roof can very well cost $ 25,000 or even double.

If you would like to get a quote for your project, contact one of our experts today!

How to maintain your flat roof?

As previously mentioned, a flat roof must be inspected regularly, which means at least twice a year. When you do, take care to check on:

  • Ducts/vents
  • Irregularities and folds in the membrane
  • Signs of water infiltration
  • Drains

If you notice anything out of the ordinary on your roof, do not delay: contact us for repairs quickly, so as to prevent the problem from getting worse. We can also fix your insulation problems, on your flat roof, in Montreal.

If you wish, our team can also take care of your roof’s inspections, for added peace of mind.

As for maintenance, make sure to eliminate all debris from your roof’s surface, like branches and dead leaves. It is also the perfect time to clean ducts, vents and drains!

Finally, if your roof includes a layer of gravel, maintenance is the perfect time to spread out the gravel evenly with a broom.

How to create the perfect outdoor space on your roof in Montreal

Would you like to take full advantage of your roof to create the perfect exterior space? Building a terrace on a flat roof in Montreal is a great project; but it requires verifications, preparations and –mostly- renovations!

In fact, some roofs do not have the necessary resistance to be able to withstand the weight of a terrace and all of the furniture it implies. Our experts can help you identify if your project is viable and guide you in making the necessary changes.

You can count on us for your renovations, no matter if these are structural changes or simply laying down a new membrane.

You will need a building permit before you start, but you will also have to find out what the rules and regulations are. For example, some of these include the height of the terrace itself, how far it is from the outer wall of the building or what elements should and should not be found on your terrace.

As for maintenance, repairs and renovations, Clinique de la toiture FCA is the perfect choice! Contact us today to find out more about our prices!

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