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Who are we?

Clinique de la toiture FCA is a Montreal roofing company specializing in flat roofs. Founded in 1996 by its president Yannick Fournier, the company is today the reference in flat roof repairs and installation of TPO membrane in Montreal.

Clinique de la toiture FCA is also a team of passionate roofers who prioritize customer satisfaction and quality of work.

Recipient of the 2013 ESTim Award from the East Montreal Chamber of Commerce in the entrepreneurial succession category, Clinique de la toiture FCA offers unparalleled quality of service and devotion to its customers!

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Our services

Clinique de la toiture FCA offers its services for all types of flat roofs.

TPO roofing experts

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How does a TPO flat roof replacement work?

Watch the video below

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Clinique de la toiture FCA takes you to a roof repair site!

Here we take the example of a roof whose insulation and structure do not need to be redone.

Discover the steps that make the quality of TPO roofs installed by our teams:

  1. Installation of equipment and materials.
  2. Removal of the current covering.
  3. Verification of the roof structure.
  4. Cleaning and removal of debris.
  5. Installation of new plywood boards.
  6. Replacement of existing accessories with new ones.
  7. Installation of support panels.
  8. Installation of the TPO membrane.
  9. Installation of metal flashings.
  10. Sealing of membrane joints.
  11. Verification of tightness and cleaning of the construction site.

About Clinique de la toiture FCA

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Your project is our project!

Clinique de la toiture FCA offers you its expertise to maximize the life of your flat roof… A durable roof is a less expensive roof!

We extend the life of your real estate assets by offering quality inspection, maintenance and roof repair services.

When it is time to completely replace it, we advise you on the choices of available products that will make up your roof.

Our dedicated roofers offer you a top quality installation service. Whether it is for your residence or an industrial or commercial building, Clinique de la toiture FCA supports you in your decision to choose a durable roof.

An ecological shift...

Innovators, we chose the greening of our industry several years ago. Today, we can boast of being the leaders in the installation of ecological white TPO membrane in the Greater Montreal Area.

Moreover, our teams are among the best trained in the industry and we are accredited by all the major manufacturers as well as by the city of Montreal for compliance reports following new regulations in several neighbourhoods to reduce urban heat islands.

Un rouleau de membrane TPO posé verticalement sur le sol
"With us, you don't do business with high-pressure sellers, but with people who have your interests and your satisfaction at heart."
Yannick Fournier

Types of roof repairs

We perform repairs on all types of flat roofs in and around Montreal.

Les couvreurs de toit plat installent les panneaux de support qui accueilleront la membrane TPO

The advantages of our company

Clinique de la toiture FCA is a trusted company, established since 1996, that will honour your warranty in the event of a problem!

Customers and testimonials

Our work

No project is impossible for our team, as long as a careful study is carried out.

Reliable, competent and passionate!

Clinique de la toiture FCA is committed to responding very quickly to your requests thanks to a dynamic, competent, responsible and ever-growing team.

A flat roofer who stands out!

Are you looking for a flat roofer in Montreal?

Clinique de la toiture FCA offers you a team of professionals specialized in flat roof covering!

No matter where you live on the Island of Montreal: Downtown, Rosemont, Villeray, Anjou, Pointe-aux-Trembles, Saint-Léonard, Plateau Mont-Royal, Montreal-North, and Montreal-East, to name a few… we travel to many areas of the city to provide our services to as many people as possible. Do not hesitate to contact us for more information.

In Quebec, there are a multitude of options for flat roof coverings: the TPO membrane (Thermoplastic PolyOlefin), the Elastomeric membrane, the EPDM membrane (Ethylene, Propylene, Diene and Monomer) and of course the tar and gravel roof.

Our roofers are able to perform repairs on all types of flat roofs regardless of the membrane, but when it comes to a complete roof replacement, we only focus our efforts on TPO roofing.

Most of the time, it is possible to carry out a repair, for example in the case of water infiltration. But when the roof turns out to be too old and too damaged, we will advise you to completely renovate your flat roof. If you don’t know the current condition of your roof, ask for a roof inspection to find out!

Clinique de la toiture FCA offers its services on residential, commercial and industrial roofs.

Whether you own a residence or a commercial building, our experienced roofers can carry out inspections, preventive maintenance, and repairs if necessary.

Since 1996, our flat roofing company in Montreal has placed customer satisfaction at the top of its priorities. We don’t just content ourselves with repairing or replacing roofs, we also offer our customers valuable advice to extend the life of their flat roof, in addition to explaining the advantages and disadvantages of the different types of covering.

Ultimately, our reputation as a trusted company has grown through our reliability and skill in assessing your needs.

For the inspection, maintenance, repair or replacement of your flat roof, as well as our emergency roofing services, do not hesitate to contact us! Clinique de la toiture FCA offers you a free estimate and carries out guaranteed work within the scheduled deadlines.

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