Installation and maintenance of green roofs in Anjou (in the Greater Montreal)

Thinking about installing a green roof system on your residence or your business? Call upon Clinique de la toiture FCA, the green roofing specialists in Anjou! Whether it is for roof renovations or for a vegetative roof system for your business or your residence, our team will evaluate your needs and guide you toward the solution best adapted to your situation, depending on whether you have a TPO membrane, an EPDM roof or any other type of covering. Whether you live in Anjou, Montreal-East, Montreal-North or elsewhere on the Island, contact us without delay!

Installing a green roof has numerous benefits! To start, it’s an attractive ecological choice, since the installation of plants on your roof will help purify the air, as well as contribute to the thermal insulation and soundproofing. Our green roofing experts will also help you decide between various design layouts for your vegetative roof. Whether you want to grow flowers, herbs and spices, tomatoes or to simply create an environment favorable to relaxation, we have the solution for you!

Just as with white roofs, a green roof system helps reduce the heat island effect. Another advantage, it allows to prolong the lifespan of the membrane of your roof by protecting it from various air pollutants, solar radiation as well as wide variations of temperature. No matter the size of the project, contact Clinique de la toiture FCA, the experts of green roofing in Anjou!

Our team of flat roofing experts also specializes in the repair of residential roof and all types of re-roofing. We can also undertake the inspection of your roof and suggest, if required, a timeline for the work to be carried out. And if you own a commercial or industrial building, you can take advantage of our preventive maintenance service! Don’t wait until there is water infiltration or other serious issues with your roof before contacting FCA, the best roofers in Anjou!

To find out more about our products and services or to book an appointment to have your vegetative roofing project evaluated, contact us today at Clinique de la toiture FCA, the green roofing specialist in Anjou!


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