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The best flat roof specialists in Montreal are found at Clinique de la toiture FCA! Whether it is for a renovation project, for the replacement of a roof or for our 24/7 Emergency Service, you will always be able to rely on our expert roofers to fulfill our needs. Contact us today to get your free estimate! We serve the sectors of Rosemont, Anjou, St. Leonard, Montreal and other neighbourhoods on the Island.

The roofer: all-around roofing specialist!

Repairing a slanted roof or a flat roof requires more than just climbing on a roof and knowing how to use a hammer; being a roofer is a full-blown profession where one must exercise meticulousness and organization, show team spirit and, of course, not be afraid of heights!

Roofers do more than put up shingles or install membranes on a roof; they must ensure that the covering is completely airtight. Indeed, the slightest opening or leaky joint can have catastrophic consequences, such as a water infiltration; the latter will then cause substantial damage to the building’s structure if not repaired in time.

The flat roofing experts from Clinique de la toiture FCA all possess the necessary qualifications to undertake the maintenance work, the reroofing or the installation of roofs; don’t hesitate to contact us to benefit from the expertise of our flat roof specialists!

No matter the type of roof, we can help you!

Our roofers are able to install or repair flat roofs for commercial and industrial clients; they can also work on new constructions or fix the insulation of a residential roof, for example. No matter the type of material your roof is made of or the project you have in mind, our expert roofers will be able to fulfill your expectations; contact us today!

The types of materials for flat roofs

TPO Roof

You have probably heard about white roofs, increasingly present in Montreal and in other towns; but what are they exactly? White roofs, also known as TPO roofs or EPDM roofs, are composed of a monolayer membrane offering numerous advantages. Indeed, the TPO membrane is lightweight and easy to install, and because it is white, it reflects the sunlight instead of absorbing it, therefore limiting the formation of heat islands.

What is more, it provides great resistance to bad weather, temperature variations, bacteria, mold as well as ultraviolet rays. Finally, it is 100 % recyclable at the end of its service life and is installed with a hot iron, as opposed to materials such as elastomer that requires the use of a welding torch (which increases the risks of fire). To find out more about TPO membranes, ask advice from our flat roof experts!


Similar to the TPO membrane, an EPDM roof can for its part be black or white and is used in particular for reroofing purposes or for new constructions. Did you know that the first EPDM roof was the one installed at the airport, and that it is still in place 55 years later? That’s proof that this material is most durable!

EPDM membranes also offer exceptional resistance to high temperature variations and is completely recyclable at the end of its lifespan as well; that’s why it’s a very popular material with roofers from our roofing company in Montreal!

Are you dreaming about having a flower or vegetable garden on your roof? Our roofers will also be able to advise you and make all your green roof projects a reality! Offering a great number of advantages, such as rainwater retention, insulation, air pollution control and sound absorption, a green roof also allows to extend the lifespan of the roofing membrane, such as a TPO membrane for example.

As you can see, no matter the scope of your projects or the work required on your residential, commercial or industrial roof, the roofing specialists from Clinique de la toiture FCA will meet your expectations. Contact us without delay to get a free estimate of the work to be done!


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