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Looking for the best roofers in Montreal? Trust the specialists at Clinique de la Toiture FCA! Serving the Villeray, St-Leonard, Rosemont and Plateau Mont-Royal boroughs as well as other neighbourhoods in Montreal and even in Laval, we offer re-roofing and replacement services not only for residential roofs, but also for commercial and industrial roofs as well. Contact us today to get an estimate!

Our roofing business in Montreal is specialized both in roof repair and complete roof replacement. Whether you opt for a white roof, a TPO roof or a green roof system, you can trust the expertise of our flat roof specialists. Thanks to their extensive experience, they can give you a list of pros and cons for each available material, all to help you make an informed decision when comes the time to repair or replace your residential roof.

The complete replacement of a roof is very expensive, which is why preventive inspections of your roof are essential to ensure its longevity. A leaking roof could lead to very expensive repairs to the overall structure of your building! Before you reach that point, opt for preventive work on your roof before it is too late!

In addition, by undertaking roof renovations, you will not only be eligible to generous governmental grants but will also get a most advantageous return of investment when comes the time to sell your property; think about it!

Did you notice a tear or breakage on your roof? No problem! Our emergency service is there for you! Our team will carry out a prompt inspection of your roof and repair it to limit the damage, thus saving you hundreds of dollars!

To know more about our products and our re-roofing and roof replacement services, contact us today at Clinique de la Toiture FCA and trust the best team of roofers in Montreal near Anjou, Pointe-aux-Trembles and Villeray!


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