The importance of inspecting your roof twice a year

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If you own your home or a commercial building, there are certain obligations that you cannot avoid, such as your municipal and school tax bills. However, another element—too often overlooked—should come up twice a year: the inspection of your roof. Whether you decide to perform this task yourself or to deal with a roof inspector, this operation is of paramount importance not only for the roof, but also for your entire building. A minor problem that is not detected in time could have serious consequences.

Why inspect your roof twice a year?

All specialists agree on this subject: it is recommended that you perform two inspections of your roof every year, namely in the fall before the first snowfall, to prevent any risk of infiltration, and in the spring when your roof will be free of snow and ice, to evaluate the possible damage caused by the weight of the snow, freezing and thawing, among other things. In addition, inspecting your roof in the spring will allow you to predict what roofing work will need to be done during the summer!

Also, don’t forget that it may be necessary to remove snow from your roof in the winter—especially for a flat roof—to avoid excessive snow accumulation… and the collapse of part of your roof!

What types of roofs need to be inspected?

No matter what type of roof covering you have—shingles, sheet metal, EPDM membrane, etc.— it’s important that your roof be inspected for signs of wear. For shingles, particular attention should be paid to their general condition (if they are broken, swollen or have mould, etc.). While more durable, sheet metal roofs still do not last forever and could for example lose some screws, which could lead to seepage, or be damaged by the weather; pay particular attention to the waterproofing joints around the chimney and skylights. Finally, residential and commercial roofs covered with a membrane also require an inspection to check its general condition, if water is accumulating, etc.

Risks entailed by infrequent or non-existent inspections

Even if the contractor who installed your roof tells you that it is guaranteed for 20, 25 or 30 years, it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t pay special attention to it! Do you only have your vehicle inspected once the warranty has expired? The same goes for the inspection of your roof, which is why the frequency of its inspections will play a big role in the length of its service life.

A regular check of your roof will allow you to quickly detect any wear, breakage or, in the case of flat roofs, any tear in the membrane. You will then be able to quickly take the necessary measures. In addition, this will allow you to properly clean your roof as well as the gutters, to prevent them from being blocked by debris, leaves, branches, etc. Once your roof has been cleaned, it will be easier for you to detect cracks or other breaks—at the flashing level for example—that could cause water infiltration.

The importance of inspecting your roof twice a year


Consequences of water infiltration

Of course, repairing or replacing a roof can be a substantial expense, and some people may be tempted to postpone the work for a season or even a full year to save money. However, if the cracks are large enough for water infiltration to occur, you may end up with runoff in the walls… and possibly mould and structural problems in your building. You will end up with a bill of several tens of thousands of dollars—not to mention the potential health risks—for wanting to postpone an expense of a few thousand dollars!

If your building has a flat roof and a membrane, flat roof specialists can perform an inspection to determine the condition of your roof. They will check the state of the membrane, the waterproofing joints and make sure that there are no leaks. If work is required, you will receive a detailed estimate with a work schedule and cost estimate.

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