Raising the roof deck: how can you optimize your roof ventilation?

Are you the owner of a commercial building or a house with a flat roof? It’s important to understand that proper ventilation is essential to prevent various problems, such as the appearance of mould or even condensation. If you suspect inadequate ventilation, call on the specialist roofers from Clinique de la toiture FCA, who will assess the situation and propose the necessary solutions! We are located in Montreal near Laval.

Is it necessary to raise the roof deck?

If your roof ventilation isn’t sufficient, it would be wise to ask us to raise the roof deck. Creating an air space will produce better air circulation under the joists, allowing for optimized ventilation and significantly lower heating and air conditioning costs. And if you add inadequate insulation to the mix, you might also have problems with water infiltration or ice damming (currently a common issue in Quebec), which will also increase your energy costs. And, the Canada Building Code states that poor ventilation can lead to premature roof replacement, which won’t be covered by the manufacturer warranty…

If you opt for a roof renovation or replacement, you’ll need to make sure you have the correct number of static roof vents: 1/150 of the insulated ceiling for a flat roof or one having a slope lower than 1:6 (Source: Quebec Building Code), that represents double the ventilation of a sloped roof (1/300). A proper distribution of these static vents means that air will be pulled up through the gaps and this will encourage good air circulation, therefore limiting the risk of mould formation.

If you have to have your roof deck raised, call on Montreal’s roofers and contact Clinique de la toiture FCA today! Our professionals will conduct a free inspection of your roof and will present you with an estimate for cost of the required work. Whether you live in Montreal or Laval, contact us!


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