Flat roof installation and maintenance in St-Leonard

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Are you looking for a flat roofing company in Montreal? Clinique de la toiture FCA close to St-Leonard can carry out the re-roofing or the renovation of flat roofs everywhere in the Greater Montreal area, as well as take care of your emergencies, for water leaks for example. Whether you have residential roof or industrial roof related needs, we can help you.

Our flat roof experts close to St-Leonard can work on new constructions as well as on older buildings and this, whether for the replacement of a roof, for repairs or when the insulation needs to be redone. No matter the scope of the required work, our flat roof experts will be able to carry out your project while using premium quality materials and paying particular attention to details.

If you want to change the covering or repair the flat roof of a building in St-Leonard or elsewhere in Montreal, our specialists will explain to you the main benefits of opting for TPO roofing or EPDM roofing. Fully recyclable at the end of their lifespan, these materials are resistant to great temperature variations, to tears as well as to atmospheric pollutants, and also allow to reduce the heat island effect, by reflecting the rays of the sun instead of absorbing them.

There is a water leak on your roof? Our 24/7 emergency service in St-Leonard will quickly carry out the emergency work needed to prevent more costly damage from affecting the rest of your building. Day, evening, night, weekend: it is crucial to act quickly since an unresolved water infiltration issue can cause very serious damage not only to your roof, but also to your building’s structure. You would like to avoid mold problems, right?

We can also inspect your roof as a preventive measure, to prevent unpleasant surprises! What is more, regular maintenance will prolong the lifespan of your roof’s covering, no matter the materials used.

To find out everything about our products and services for flat roofs in St-Leonard and the surroundings, contact Clinique de la toiture FCA as soon as today!


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