Roofer in Anjou (roofing specialists)

Looking for roofers in Anjou? Ask the Clinique de la Toiture FCA for help. They’re the best roofers in Montreal! Serving the sectors of Villeray, Plateau Mont-Royal, Montreal East, Montreal North, St-Léonard, Rosemont and other sectors in Montreal, for over 20 years our roofing business has provided exceptional roof maintenance, repair and replacement service for industrial, commercial and residential clients. Request your free quote today!

Our roofers in Anjou can provide repairs and renovations to roofs of all kinds. They can even replace the whole thing if need be. Want to repair your roof or modify it to make it more eco-friendly? Our roofing company can help! Here are a few types of roof we work on:

White roof


White roofs reduce heat absorption and are becoming very popular in the urban setting. By reflecting light instead of absorbing it, this type of roof reduces heat islands and makes rooftop terraces and roof-top gardens more pleasant. And as these materials don’t overheat, your roof will last longer!

What types of materials?

TPO (Thermoplastic polyolefin) membrane offers exceptional quality to price ratio and resists weather, humidity, and insects. It is also zero-maintenance. And did you know that a TPO roof can be completely recycled? Ask our flat roofing experts for more information today!
EPDM roofing, on the other hand, is made up of synthetic rubber and provides optimal UV resistance. It is highly appreciated in commercial building and residential roof repair and is also the ideal material for living roofs because it doesn’t rot.

Green roof (Living roof)


Green roofs have been around for many years in Europe and are becoming increasingly popular in Quebec. They are beautiful and allow for the cultivation of many species of plant. They also provide superior insulation, contribute to cleaning the air, retain rainwater and improve soundproofing. With all these advantages, head over to the green side today with Clinique de la Toiture FCA, your best bet for a roofing company where you’ll find the best roofers in Montreal near Anjou!


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