Roof in Montreal: Construction, Installation and Repair!

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The best team of roofers in the Greater Montreal is found at Clinique de la toiture FCA! Our flat roof specialists can carry out roof renovations or replacements, whether it is for a residential or commercial building. Trust a company that has stood the test of now over 20 years and that is also recommended by CAA-Quebec! Whether you live in Rosemont, Anjou, Montreal East or any other Montreal neighbourhood, contact us!

Roof Installation in Montreal

Various materials can be used for your flat roof: TPO, EPDM, asphalt and gravel, etc. Whether you own a new construction or one that dates back a number of years, our roofers can carry out the installation of white roofs and have full knowledge of the various types of materials; ask for advice today from roofers at the best roofing company in Montreal!

Montreal Residential Roof

Your residential roof is leaking, or you have noticed water accumulating on the roof? Repairs should quickly resolve your problem. And if the damage is too severe, our specialists will review with you the different options available and will give you an estimate of the work or replacement costs. Delaying roof repairs or the replacement of a roof could lead to serious consequences, such as damages at the building structure level due to water infiltration and runoff in the walls, for example.

Commercial and Industrial Roof in Montreal

Do you need to replace or repair the membrane of your commercial or industrial roof? Our roofing company can help you and this, whether your building is located in Villeray, St. Leonard, on the Plateau-Mont-Royal or elsewhere in town! Do you want to know what is the current state of your roof? Our roofers will inspect it and figure out if repairs are necessary or if complete reroofing should be considered. The various possibilities and their related costs will be presented to you so that you can make an informed decision.

Do you want to extend the lifespan of your roof? Opt for our Preventive Maintenance Service! Our specialists will undertake biannual inspections of your roof—generally in the spring and the fall, or after harsh weather conditions for example—to detect eventual problems. By spotting tears in the membrane sufficiently early, or defects in the structural joints or the drains, you can thus avoid far more costly repairs. Contact our team of roofers in Montreal today to find out more!

Insulation issues? Trust our specialists to fix the problem! If there are a lot of icicles hanging from your roof in winter or if it is excessively warm on the top floor in summer, your roof’s insulation might be the cause of it; contact us to get a clear picture of the situation and find out the corrective measures, if necessary!

The difference between the various types of flat roofs in Montreal:

A flat roof can be built from different materials; while elastomer membranes and asphalt as well as gravel surfaces were in favor these last years, TPO and EPDM membranes have gained in popularity for roofs in the Greater Montreal, owing to their numerous advantages. Let’s take a closer look at them.

TPO Roof

Installed with a hot iron—hence without fire hazard—TPO membranes have seen their popularity quickly increased with the regulations of various municipalities relating to white roofs. Indeed, this type of roofing reflects sunlight instead of absorbing it, which contributes not only to reduce the effect of heat islands, but also to regulate the temperature inside your building.

Lightweight and highly resistant to UV rays, atmospheric pollutants, bacteria and great temperature variations, a TPO membrane is also completely recyclable at the end of its service life.


Made from a monolayer just like TPO membranes, an EPDM membrane offers outstanding resistance to tears and is not harmful to the ozone layer. It can withstand great temperature variations as well and is available in black or white. Lastly, it is also 100 % recyclable!

Our conclusion about roofs in Montreal

No matter what type of roof you have, what materials it is made from or what repairs are required, Clinique de la toiture FCA can meet your needs; contact us today to get a free estimate!


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