What are the best roof maintenance practices?

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Maintenance of a flat roof is not rocket science, however it is still necessary to know how to proceed and what to check! Indeed, replacing a roof can quickly become expensive, and very often the repairs result from poor maintenance practices from the owner. Here are a few recommendations that could help you avoid having to replace your residential or commercial roof too quickly.

  1. Regular inspections

You should carry out an inspection—or have it done by specialists—at least twice a year, in the spring and fall, in order to make sure that your roof is in good condition. Did a storm (of rain, ice, wind, etc.) hit the area? Take the time to see if damages were caused to your roof.

  1. Carry out repairs as soon as possible

Water infiltration, even minimal, is not to be taken lightly! Indeed, not only can moisture ingress damage your roof, but is can also cause runoff in the walls and then, bring on the expenses! By regularly inspecting your roof, you will avoid this kind of inconvenience, all the more because a flat roof does not evacuate water as quickly as a pitched roof.

  1. Do not ignore these details!

Premature wear of the membrane, state of the insulation, masonry joints, plumbing vents and, of course, possible infiltrations are all key elements that you should carefully pay attention to.

  1. Call upon specialists!

Do you feel overwhelmed at the idea of having to inspect your roof or do you wish to delegate its maintenance to professionals? Entrust these tasks to Directo, the roof management service from Clinique de la Toiture FCA! We will carry out a free inspection before providing you with a diagnostic and a plan of action of the repairs that will prove necessary, while taking your budget in consideration. Even more, remember that you could benefit from a tax credit for roof renovations, in addition to obtaining a return of investment if you decide to sell your property!

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