5 tips to follow to renovate your flat roof

Roof renovation is not a subject to take lightly. Indeed, it’s better to entrust your repair project to flat roof specialists rather than trying to do it yourself to save a few dollars… which you risk having to spend down the road anyway, to repeat the work that wasn’t done properly! If you’re thinking about repairing or renovating your flat roof, call upon experts in the field like Clinique de la toiture FCA in Montreal! Meanwhile, here are 5 tips that may come quite handy; follow them before you proceed with the work!

1. Identify the scope of the work required

Did you think that a few nails and a few hammer strokes would suffice to repair your roof? You might have to deal with more extensive work, particularly if there was water infiltration… This is why it’s to your advantage to have your roof inspected and to ask for an estimate to get a good idea of the work required!

2. Figure out your budget!

This might seem obvious, but many owners undertake roof repairs or re-roofing while only thinking short term. If they admittedly pay less money at the time by using materials of lesser quality, the work will need to be repeated more often… which will definitely end up costing more! So, if your budget allows it, opt for resistant materials with lifespans that last for several decades; not only won’t you have to re-do the work after 10 years—provided you maintain your roof properly! —but you will benefit from a most attractive return on investment! In addition, find out more about grants for roof renovation!

As there are a great number of roofing businesses, make sure to ask for an estimate from several of them so that you can compare what they have to offer!

3. Carry out the work as soon as necessary!

By waiting too long to undertake required repairs or renovations, you’re risking even more extensive damage not only to your roof, but also to the structure of your building if water infiltration occurred. If you proceed with the work quickly, you will save time and money!

4. Choose the type of covering

Gravel and asphalt? Shingles? TPO or EPDM roof? The possibilities are numerous and depend on the location, on the type of roof (flat or pitched) and of course, on your budget. If you own a building in the city, you have everything to gain from opting for a single-ply membrane because of its longevity and its anti-heat island effect. Ask for advice from our white roof specialists!

5. Call upon specialists!

If you are not able to undertake the required work yourself, entrust your project to professional roofers such as Clinique de la toiture FCA, the best roofing company in Montreal! Our roofing experts will successfully complete every step of your project, as complex as it is. Whether you live in Anjou, St. Leonard or Montreal East, contact us today!


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