Benefits of a green roof in Montreal

Green roofs are increasingly popular, not only in Montreal and Laval, but also across Quebec. If you wish to opt for an eco-friendly residential roof, a vegetated system can be an excellent option because of the numerous advantages it provides. Whether it is for a residential home, a business or an industrial building, there is a green roof adapted to your needs!

If you need to undertake renovations to your roof, the total cost will depend on not only the price of materials, but also on the type of roof. Why not combining the useful and the pleasant by opting for a living roof? Here are a few of the benefits of this type of roofs.

  1. Beautiful

In terms of aesthetics, a green roof system is one giant step ahead of traditional roofs. Indeed, if you have a terrace on your roof, what better than some greenery to spruce it up? Whether you opt for an extensive green roof (less maintenance, but also less accessible) or an intensive green roof—on which you can walk or install a garden—you will quickly appreciate having your own little green area, away from prying eyes!

  1. Increased sound insulation

Did you know that a green roof system can decrease the sound level by almost 40 decibels? Not only will your rooftop be the best looking in the area, but what is more, it will provide one of the best sound insulation!

  1. Very eco-friendly

By contributing to diminish air pollution and also providing great rainwater retention, green roofs become an alternative that is not only practical, but also eco-friendly. Even more, installing a green roof system when you renovate you rooftop will provide a significant return on investment; ask about it!

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