Installation and maintenance of green roofs in Montreal by an expert roofer

Searching for roofers specialized in green roof systems in Montreal? Think Clinique de la toiture FCA! Serving the Villeray, Anjou, Pointe-aux-Trembles and Montreal-North areas as well as many others, we specialize in the renovation and replacement of roofs, including vegetative roofing. No matter what your needs are, contact us right now to get a free evaluation of your residential or commercial building, carried out by our green roofing specialists! But what is a green roof, actually? Most popular in Scandinavian countries, it’s a roof covered with vegetation, landscaped or not, that provides numerous advantages; here are a few:

More appealing to the eye

Between a bitumen roof or a green one, the aesthetic advantages are undeniable! It can also be converted into a rooftop terrace, a garden or a simple grass roof with landscaping or without. You could even grow vegetables!

More environmentally friendly

Our green roofing specialists in Montreal will tell you: opting for a plant-based roof for your business or your residence is an eco-friendly choice that makes a lot of sense! Indeed, you will thus help with the improvement of air quality and with enhancing the insulation and soundproofing of your building, among others.

Provides better protection for the membrane

By calling upon our experts in green roofing, you will also help to prolong the lifespan of the membrane of your roof, since the latter will be protected from bad weather and various air pollutants, with a greater resistance to wide temperature variations. Ask advice from Clinique de la toiture FCA, the best roofers in Montreal!

Advantageous in every way!

Whether it is for aesthetic, environmental or practical considerations, you have everything to gain by opting for a vegetative roof system! Whether you have a TPO membrane or an EPDM roof, find out more information from our green roofing specialists in Montreal to see the possibilities available to you!

To find out more about our products and services, including green roofing and residential or commercial roof repairs, contact us today at Clinique de la toiture FCA and take advantage of the expertise of the best flat roofers close to Rosemont, the Plateau Mont-Royal, Montreal-East, St-Leonard and Laval!


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