Clinique de la toiture FCA: TPO roofing specialists in Montreal

Looking for TPO roofing specialists close to Laval? Trust the best team of roofers in Montreal at Clinique de la toiture FCA! Whether it is to renovate a residential roof or to carry out the maintenance of a commercial or industrial roof, you can rely on the expertise of our white roofing company. Whether you are in Villeray, Rosemont, Anjou, St-Leonard, Montreal-North or elsewhere on the Montreal Island, contact us today!

The advantages of opting for a TPO roof in Montreal—or elsewhere—are numerous, but the main asset of a TPO roof is undoubtedly its sunlight reflective properties, which reduce the heat island effect. Here is why this type of white roofing is particularly appreciated in urban areas! Our TPO roofing specialists are experts at installing TPO roofs; our roofers will also be able to carry out an inspection of your existing TPO membrane and detect the slightest sign of wear. This will, among others, prevent water infiltration, which could have serious repercussions, not only to your roof, but also your building.

Another advantage of a TPO roof in Montreal: it is particularly resistant to pollution, bacteria and mold, in addition to offering great resistance to wide temperature fluctuations. Providing a longevity that can reach 25 years and more, this membrane is also fully recyclable at the end of its life cycle! When you will have to proceed with the replacement of the roof of your building, think about it!

Our roofers, specialized in flat roofs, whether it is a TPO membrane or an EPDM roof, can carry out the inspection, renovation as well as the installation of your roof and this, whether you live in Montreal-East, St-Leonard, Pointe-aux-Trembles, the Plateau Mont-Royal or elsewhere on the Island; contact us without delay!

To find out more about the materials we use as well as about our various products and services, contact us at Clinique de la toiture and trust the true specialists of TPO roofing in Montreal!


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