Modern housing with a flat roof

What are the advantages of installing a flat roof?


Flat roof or pitched roof? In terms of residential roof, the sky is the limit, or just about! Depending on the age of your home, it could have a pitched roof or a flat roof. More and more popular, the latter is well worth discovering. What are the advantages of a flat roof? Here are a few; you can also contact our flat roofs specialists at Clinique de la toiture FCA to find out more! We are located in Montreal and serve Anjou, St. Leonard, Montreal East and many other neighbourhoods!

What are the advantages of a flat roof?

It is safer.

If you need to go up on your roof for various reasons—to remove snow for example—a flat roof is safer than a slanted roof. But who says safer doesn’t necessarily mean without danger; caution should always be exercised!

It allows the creation of an additional living space.

Another advantage of a flat roof is that you can convert it into a garden or a stunning terrace! As yard space in the city is often small in size, it will give you room to enjoy a little more greenery or a garden, for instance! Find out more from our white roof specialists about EPDM membranes and TPO membranes, which make an excellent watertight layer base for your green roof!

Installing a skylight and solar panels is easier.

Do you love the effect of ambient light inside your home? The installation of a skylight will allow you to enjoy it even more! And if your residence has a flat roof, it will make it easier to install one! Same thing for solar panels (photovoltaic): even if it’s possible to install them on a pitched roof, it’s always easier when the roof is flat, right?

A more modern design.

Unless you have a penchant for old-fashioned houses, adding a flat roof to your home will give it a younger feel and a very modern look; however, you should consult with your municipality to find out about the regulations on this subject!

A flat roof has less surface area than a slanted roof.

A smaller surface also means that you need less material to cover it; you will thus save money when it will be time to change the covering!

No loss of space!

Contrary to a pitched roof, which results in loss of space on the top floor of your residence because of the slanted ceiling in some rooms, a flat roof will allow you to enjoy maximum ceiling height everywhere in your home!

To find out more about the advantages of flat roofs over slanted roofs, contact us today at Clinique de la toiture FCA, the best roofing company in Montreal!

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