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How much does building a roof cost in 2023? Find out about the costs according to the different materials!

Updated: Fall 2023

Renovating your roof is an important part of budget planning, especially given the high costs of building materials.

Depending on how much you are willing to spend on your roof, there are several different options available to you! Let’s take a closer look at the different possibilities when it comes to materials, the advantages each one offers, and the costs related to redoing your roof.

The very first factor to take into consideration when calculating the price of a roof is the roof size. Given that materials are sold by square foot, it will give you a quick general idea of what type of costs to plan for.

Moreover, you should keep in mind that prices presented here include only roofing and installation! They do not include costs related to more sophisticated or complex roofing jobs like drain and gutter repair, attic remediation or replacing insulation, for example. 

Here is a range of prices for a new roof:

  1. Asphalt shingles

The most common material, it is also the most affordable, namely between $3,75 and $9 per square foot on average. (prices may fluctuate according to market conditions). Its installation is easy, and it is available in dozens of various colours. Organic shingles (made of cellulose, heavier but more weather resistant) are older than fiberglass ones (composition shingles), but the latter are lighter and offer better resistance to heat.

  1. Price of a roof with TPO or EPDM membrane in 2023

Very resistant, these membranes must absolutely be installed by professionals or you could risk water infiltrations, should they not be properly installed.

They do, however, come with loads of interesting advantages, which include their lifespan, for an average of 25 to 35 years. In some cases and under the right conditions, TPO and EPDM roofs can even last over 50 years!

Costs related to redoing your roof with these membranes will generally begin between $ 9 and $ 11.50 / square foot (installation included). (prices may fluctuate according to market conditions). These membranes provide you with a watertight roof that can resist severe weather, and that will not be damaged by UV rays. Another significant advantage is that they are recyclable!

Team of roofing specialists repairing a flat roof.
  1. Elastomeric membrane

Gaining popularity in the last years for flat roofs or low-sloped roofs of commercial buildings, the elastomeric membrane is composed of a base layer overlaid with coloured granules on its surface, to prevent its deterioration from exposure to UV rays. Depending on the brand, expect to pay between $10 and $14 per square foot for this covering. (Prices may fluctuate according to market conditions).

  1. Price for an asphalt and gravel roof in 2023

This type of roofing is becoming rarer nowadays, and is replaced by TPO membranes –among others-, especially given the frequent maintenance schedule that must be respected. In fact, you must regularly spread out the gravel and inspect your roof. Even though it is affordable, its inferior lifespan (15 to 20 years) makes it less advantageous of an option in the long run. It is also more vulnerable to damages caused by UV rays and cannot be recycled. 

Nevertheless, should you opt for this type of roofing, then you should be ready to spend from $11 to $ 14.50 / square foot. (Prices may fluctuate according to market conditions).

Gravel roof renovation
  1. Price for a metal roof (tin roof) in 2023

Offering an exceptional lifespan (50 years plus) and often used on Victorian or Historical houses, tin roofs (also called metal roofs) are back in style thanks to the numerous advantages they offer. When it comes to costs, they can vary greatly according to the roof size and the amount of materials needed, the type of metal used and finishing touches.

To simply things, a metallic roof could cost between $ 18 and $ 31 / square foot. (Prices may fluctuate according to market conditions).

  1. Slate

If many European roofs are covered with slate, it is quite the opposite in Quebec, where we have corrugated plate roofs due to the high demand relative to supply. But the elegance of slate roofing is such that it is difficult to resist, whether it is natural or synthetic! Durable, economically-friendly—it is stone after all—and resistant to wide temperature variations, it is however expensive, and the number of available colours is limited. Nevertheless, if you still want this type of covering more than anything else, you will have to spend between $20 and $35 per square foot. (Prices may fluctuate according to market conditions).

  1. Price for a green roof in 2023

No matter if you like gardening or not, this type of roofing is the most environmentally friendly and is becoming more popular each year, even in the heart of the city! Incredibly pleasing to look at and the best thing you can do for the environment, it will cost anywhere between $ 18 and $ 48 / square foot, depending on your needs. More specifically, an extensive roof will cost around $ 18 to $ 30 / square foot while an intensive roof will cost anywhere from $ 30 to $ 48/ square foot. (Prices may fluctuate according to market conditions).

High angle view of a green roof built in Montreal

No matter the costs or choices, renovating your roof will definitely bring you a high level of peace of mind, according to the type of roofing you choose.

Do not place your roofing needs in the hands of any roofing company. Our best advice? Do your research and ask for several quotes! You should also beware of extremely “competitive” prices. If the price seems too good to be true with one specific company, you might be faced with several extra costs once the bill comes, or an installation that is lacking in quality.

Asking for quotes is important, but you should also look into the different companies and contractors prior to making your final choice. If Clinique de la Toiture FCA is one of the companies you are interested in for your roofing needs, do not hesitate to contact our team!

We also offer emergency services in Montreal in case of water infiltration or the need for an urgent repair.

Here is a summary table of the approximate price range in the industry.

Asphalt shingles $3,75 to $9 / sq. ft.
TPO and EPDM $ 9 to $ 11.50 / square foot
Elastomeric membrane $10 to $14 / sq. ft.
Asphalt and gravel $ 11 to $ 14.50 / square foot
Metallic roofing $ 18 to $ 31 / square foot
Slate roof $20 to $35 / sq. ft.
Green roof $ 18 to $ 48 / square foot

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