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How to ensure good attic ventilation and insulation?


Ventilating the attic of your building is essential to avoid condensation problems, which in turn can lead to other major problems. In addition, adequate air circulation will extend the life of your roof, regardless of the material it is made of. The experts at the FCA Roofing Clinic in Montreal can tell you more about attic ventilation and insulation!

Why does my roof need to be ventilated?

By allowing the attic to be properly ventilated, you avoid the condensation problems that occur when warm, humid air rises into the attic. This can come from, for example, the exhaust of a bathroom fan located in the attic or from warm air rising in the walls where plumbing vents or electrical wires pass. And through the chimney effect, this air rises to the roof, where it accumulates and creates condensation.

How do I know if my roof is well ventilated or not?

There are many signs that can give you a warning if your flat roof is poorly ventilated, whether it is TPO or EPDM roofing. First of all, you may notice an ice dam forming on the edge of your roof, with many icicles; this will indicate that the insulation and ventilation of your attic is not optimal. Moreover, this problem could eventually lead to water infiltration due to the weight of the ice; this must be corrected as soon as possible!

If your roof is full of snow but no ice cubes are in sight, it is a sign that your attic is properly ventilated. In addition, during the hot summer months, properly ventilated attics will allow warm air to escape, reducing the risk of condensation.

Another sign that your attic is poorly ventilated is the presence of moisture or water pockets on the walls in the spring; this could mean that condensation has occurred in your attic during the winter. Also, watch your ceilings and be on the lookout for any trace of moisture, especially when the snow melts.

Finally, mould stains, rings on the wood and insulation, as well as rot or rusty nails in the attic are also signs of poor ventilation. The presence of odours is also a sign of a ventilation problem. However, some attics are difficult to access because of their low height or the presence of architectural elements. In such cases, you can benefit from calling on a roofing company in Montreal that will be able to properly inspect your attic.

What are the advantages of good ventilation?

Good ventilation and proper insulation bring many benefits. Indeed, by avoiding condensation problems that can lead to the appearance of mould and rot, a well-ventilated attic will extend the life of your residential or commercial roof. In addition, by being insulated and properly ventilated, you will save a lot on your annual electricity bill.

How can you ensure that ventilation and insulation are optimal?

A number of older buildings with flat roofs do not have any ventilation systems; this is usually not a problem until renovations are made to replace walls, doors and windows to make them more airtight. Warm air has no place to escape and will then accumulate in the attic and may cause condensation.

Square ventilators, such as those offered by Maximum, for example, are specially designed for flat roofs and will provide adequate attic ventilation. However, they must be installed in sufficient number for the surface area of your roof! If there aren’t enough, ventilation will not work properly; on the other hand, if there are too many, hot air will be sucked up and increase your heating bill.

There are standards for ventilation and attic insulation; a roof insulation specialist will be able to verify that your attic is properly insulated and ventilated. If you suspect that your attic is poorly ventilated or have any other questions about your flat roof, contact us at Clinique de la toiture FCA as soon as today! We are located in Montreal and serve Montreal North, Montreal East, Laval and many other areas!

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