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How to decorate your flat roof?


Have you decided to take full advantage of your roof, but are running out of ideas on how to decorate it? No matter if you are turning it into a party area or a place to relax and rest, you will find inspiration thanks to our 10 ideas.

# 1: Adding Plants

Greenery adds life to your roof! Plants add a bit of color and a natural touch that many people will love; an idea that is both simple and elegant, and that you can easily adapt to your taste.

Choose plants that are wind resistant and that remain beautiful even if in full sun. Think of combining perennials with different grasses and climber plants.

By installing trellis, plants like ivy and honeysuckle will create a beautiful green wall that will also act as a privacy screen. Small bushes or shrubs are another interesting option that can help create a green cocoon and promote a more intimate space.

# 2: Creating a Green Roof

If you like the idea of plants, you can take this a step further by creating a green roof. Increasingly popular in urban settings, it offers several advantages. Not only beautiful, they also create a luscious a green landscape. Moreover, this roof decoration helps reduce heat islands and contributes to your home’s thermal insulation.

Moreover, a green roof will reduce pollution by absorbing CO2 and could become a true haven for birds and insects. If you dream of feeling closer to nature, this is the perfect roof decoration for you!

Choose an invigorating natural roof! Clinique de la toiture FCA works hand in hand with experts in the field to provide you with several solutions and a project that is customized to your needs and taste.

# 3: A Vegetable Garden

Living in the city often means giving up on projects like a vegetable garden in your backyard, especially if you don’t have one! But if you have a flat roof, you can turn this project into a reality! A vegetable garden on your roof will allow you to let your creative juices flow and create a wide range of flavors!

The perfect space to give your plants all the sunlight they need, a roof is the perfect place to encourage growth. You can even create a contrast in colors with berries, tomatoes and herbs, not only decorating your roof but also your dishes, making them tastier than ever!

Flat green roof with lots of plants.

# 4: Installing a Veranda

Your flat roof could also become a true haven, a place to relax and gather with friends and family. Appreciated for the natural light it offers, a veranda on your roof can become a very sophisticated area you will love.

Not only is it chic and visually pleasing, you will also love how practical it is for your daily life. This covered area will allow you to enjoy an exterior space while also protecting you from the cold, rain and wind. This makes it the ideal choice for those who want to take advantage of their roof come summer or winter.

# 5: Adding Shade

Opting for a roof terrace is a great way to get your daily boost of sunlight and vitamins. But although the sun makes your days brighter, it can also be blinding and make it unbearable during heat waves. This means that it is important to think of a shaded area on your roof, to keep you cool when needed.

There are several ideas that will also help you combine practicality and elegance. A pergola is one of the popular options for the elegant look and partial shade it offers, while allowing some light to shine through. It also comes in different types of designs, can be made of wood or metal, and can blend in seamlessly into your décor to add character.

There are also other elegant options available, like:

  • An umbrella
  • A shade sail
  • An awning

# 6: Creating a Swimming Nook

Opting for a pool and lawn chairs on your roof is ideal if you want to feel like you are on vacation all summer long! Let’s not forget how great it feels to also have a private pool. Before choosing this type of decoration on your roof, you will have to ensure that your roof can withstand the weight. There might be extra work to be done to allow you to bring this project to fruition!

Otherwise, a spa is a lighter −but just as luxurious- an option. When evenings get cooler, your spa area can become your oasis, allowing you to fully relax even in a busy urban setting.

# 7: Adding Lights

How to create stunning lighting on your roof? Use your creativity to create an immersive ambiance for special evenings. Bohemian light garlands or colorful lights? Recessed lighting or floor lights? A candlelit dinner in a beautiful candleholder or a hanging lantern?

Even if you don’t have any outlets, there are several different ways to create a festive or more intimate atmosphere. You should also vary lighting sources for a successful décor. You could even place spots in your planters to light the green leaves and flowers for a pop of bright colors at night.

An illuminated terrace.

# 8: A kitchen Corner, Living Room or Bar

A flat roof is generally a wide area that is ideal for gatherings. If you don’t have enough space for a barbecue on your balcony or your back yard, you can have it on your roof! It’s even better!

A table, a bar, stylish chairs, a comfortable living room area under the pergola; your roof can turn into a real apartment… under the stars! Decorate it with quality furniture to create an elegant space and spend unforgettable evenings staring at a starry sky.

# 9: Accessorizing

After the plants, furniture plays a major role. Don’t forget that accessories can make all the difference between a plain area and a décor that has everyone talking! No matter if you are minimalist, bohemian, elegant or country chic, success is in the details.

From the cushions on the outdoor sofa and the rug on the wooden slats to stunning planters, don’t overlook any detail and keep in mind visual coherence.

# 10: Choosing the Right Railing

Railing is mandatory on your roof; but nothing is stopping you from making it esthetically pleasing on top of useful! Choose railing that will highlight your décor, one that might blend in seamlessly or hide it behind other decorative elements.

All in all, your roof is open to numerous possibilities and projects. It is up to you to decide what to do with it! In any case, it is important to opt for a solid roof that is properly adapted to your house and needs. Before making any final decision, do not hesitate to contact La Clinique de la toiture FCA to find out more! We will be happy to guide you in any way we can!

A guardrail under construction on a roof.

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