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How to remove a wasp nest under the roof?


There is one pest that can make outdoor gatherings a lot less fun, and in some cases, downright dangerous – the wasp. Whether you are sitting outside trying to enjoy a barbecue with family and friends, or if you are a restaurant owner with an outdoor patio area, wasps can truly be a nuisance that can ruin special family events and even scare away customers.

You need a specialist with equipment

If you are wondering what’s the best way to get rid of a wasp nest, it most cases it is best to consult a pest removal specialist that has the equipment and the expertise on how to be able to destroy a wasp nest safely. At Clinique de la toiture FCA in Montreal, our team of experts has been trained in safe wasp nest removal, with significant expertise in how to remove a wasp nest from under a roof. We have been the choice for roofing specialist for homeowners and business owners in the Montreal, Montreal Nord, Montreal Est and Laval area for over 20 years, and our trained, expert group of wasp removal specialists will ensure your property is wasp-free.

Quite often, wasps nest underneath a roof, gaining access through small cracks and openings where the roof meets the building. Some of the different kinds of wasp nests include those that are completely visible – perhaps hanging from a tree — to ones that are concealed underneath patio joints or underneath a flat roof.

When you are faced with the problem of trying to remove a wasp nest under a roof, you may find there is a lot of dubious advice available, either from research on the internet or from friends. If you are wondering what happens when you kill a wasp nest, one important thing to remember is that wasps are extremely territorial, and any threat to their nest could cause significant danger to the person or persons trying to get rid of the wasp nest.

How to deal with the wasps?

The most common response is that wasps will defend their nest by swarming and chasing any danger, and wasps have the ability to chase people for a significant distance and, in addition, they can also sting multiple times. If you, or any member of your family is allergic to wasp stings, you know that this can be extremely dangerous as wasp venom can bring on an anaphylactic response in people, which can be fatal. If you are a business owner of a restaurant or patio, you should understand, that before you decide to remove a wasp nest under a roof, you could be placing a customer in significant danger, if they are allergic to wasp stings.

Some of the advice you may hear or read about if you are trying to learn how to get rid of a wasp nest could be using fumes, or burning the wasp nest, or using a wasp nest destroyer spray – or some people may recommend a natural way using a large plastic bag at night – the best time of day for nest removal. However, if you are wondering: “Will wasps return to a sprayed nest?”, you should understand that unless you completely get rid of the wasp nest using the spray or other method, there is a strong possibility that the wasps will return to build again in that location. Only by using a pest removal expert in wasp nest removal can you be completely assured that the wasps will not return to that location.

You may also see videos on the internet of using a flamethrower vs a wasp nest. It is our recommendation at Clinique du la toiture FCA that techniques such as this are actually quite dangerous – as you could easily get yourself or your family members stung, or you could accidentally set your home or business on fire – particularly if you are using a flamethrower to try to remove a nest that is concealed under a roof.

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