How to maintain your roof terrace in Montreal?

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For the maintenance of a roof terrace in Montreal, benefit from the expertise of flat roof specialists at Clinique de la toiture! Offering is services since 1996, our roofing company in Montreal serves the neighbourhoods of Rosemont, Anjou, St. Leonard, Montreal East and many other sectors, and this, for either residential or commercial clients. Whether it is for a roof renovation project or the installation of a vegetative terrace, you can rely on the vast experience of our roofing experts to carry out your project; contact us today to get a free estimate!

Why call upon roofers for your roof terrace?

Admittedly, everyone can create a flower or vegetable garden on their residential roof; but do you have all the necessary information? Is your roof’s base material suited to the installation of green roofing? If so, is it in adequate condition to receive vegetation? You should avoid ending up with water infiltration on your roof! A specialist in roof terrace installation and maintenance, such as those from Clinique de la toiture FCA, will be able to answer all these questions and to properly carry out the required work; don’t hesitate to call upon us! What is more, the upgrade of your roof into a green roof will bring you a most attractive return on investment!

The advantages of a roof terrace

They are numerous! On top of giving you a more appealing additional living space than a simple white roof as well as extending the membrane’s lifespan, a roof terrace reduces the heat island effect, cleanses the air, retains rainwater and offers the possibility of gardening. In addition, the insulation of a roof terrace improves the sound insulation of your building! If you have a TPO roof, an EPDM roof or if you are thinking of replacing your roof for one of these types of membrane, you have everything to gain by opting for green roofing!

To find out more about roof terrace maintenance, about our various products and services or our 24/7 Emergency Service, contact Clinique de la toiture FCA and trust the expertise of our roofers specialized in roof terrace!


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